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    Product Name   Model   Price   Buy Now 
Gold Bling - Geared Fidget Spinner
 Gold Bling - Geared Fidget Spinner   PGIFTSN4365   R263.14  Buy Now
Grylls Credit Card Tool
 Grylls Credit Card Tool   PGIFTSN3058   R17.38  Buy Now
Swiss Cougar Noise Reducing Headphones
 Swiss Cougar Noise Reducing Headphones   PGIFTSN4327   R496.46  Buy Now
6 coloured wax tips in pen shaped container.
 6 coloured wax tips in pen shaped container.   PGIFTS3YGIFT329   R7.30  Buy Now
Set of six coloured wax crayons in a box.
 Set of six coloured wax crayons in a box.   PGIFTS3YGIFT76   R6.71  Buy Now
Stylish Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses
 Stylish Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses    PGIFTS3YGIFT4309   R34.95  Buy Now
 12 Piece Felt Tip Pen Set in Zippered Pouch   12 Piece Felt Tip Pen Set in Zippered Pouch   PGIFTSUBP1105   R29.18  Buy Now
 Aluminium Credit Card and Business Card Case   Aluminium Credit Card and Business Card Case   PGIFTSUBD3750   R36.97  Buy Now
 Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Cap and Matching Colour Ink   Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Cap and Matching Colour Ink   PGIFTSUBP7299   R1.92  Buy Now
 Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Translucent Barrel   Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Translucent Barrel   PGIFTSUBP3035   R4.85  Buy Now
 Coloured Barrel Geometric Swan Shaped Ballpoint Pen   Coloured Barrel Geometric Swan Shaped Ballpoint Pen   PGIFTSUBP7629   R6.80  Buy Now
 Coloured Zipper 600D Backpack   Coloured Zipper 600D Backpack   PGIFTSUBB0938   R194.68  Buy Now
 Coloured Zipper 600D Sports Bag   Coloured Zipper 600D Sports Bag   PGIFTSUBB0939   R253.09  Buy Now
 Earphones in Matching Coloured Case   Earphones in Matching Coloured Case   PGIFTSUBE7476   R29.18  Buy Now
 First Aid Kit in Zippered Pouch with Belt Clip   First Aid Kit in Zippered Pouch with Belt Clip   PGIFTSUBH1367   R38.92  Buy Now
 Leather Zippered Pouch with Split Ring   Leather Zippered Pouch with Split Ring   PGIFTSUBB2762   R31.13  Buy Now
 Mobile Phone Holder with Coloured Suction Cups   Mobile Phone Holder with Coloured Suction Cups   PGIFTSUBD7281   R25.29  Buy Now
 Non Woven Shopper with Coloured Trim   Non Woven Shopper with Coloured Trim   PGIFTSUBB3610   R25.29  Buy Now
 Solid Colour Ballpoint Pen with Matching Coloured Clip   Solid Colour Ballpoint Pen with Matching Coloured Clip   PGIFTSUBP7497   R4.65  Buy Now
 Sports Bag with Front Zippered Pocket   Sports Bag with Front Zippered Pocket   PGIFTSUBB7656   R262.82  Buy Now
 Stylus Ballpoint Pen with Matching Coloured Grip   Stylus Ballpoint Pen with Matching Coloured Grip   PGIFTSUBP7594   R21.39  Buy Now
 Toiletry Bag with Dual Zippered Compartments   Toiletry Bag with Dual Zippered Compartments   PGIFTSUBB7667   R97.33  Buy Now
 Translucent Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Refill   Translucent Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Refill   PGIFTSUBP7499   R5.82  Buy Now
 White Barrel Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Clip   White Barrel Ballpoint Pen with Coloured Clip   PGIFTSUBP7579   R4.46  Buy Now
 Beach / Yoga Mat- Avail in: Blue or Red   Beach / Yoga Mat- Avail in: Blue or Red   PGIFTSLP2374   R81.24  Buy Now
 Foldable Lunch Cooler- Avail in: Black, Blue or Red   Foldable Lunch Cooler- Avail in: Black, Blue or Red   PGIFTSLP2365   R25.28  Buy Now
 Mini Shopper Bag- Avail in: Black, Navy, Bottle Green, Red   Mini Shopper Bag- Avail in: Black, Navy, Bottle Green, Red   PGIFTSLBAG084   R4.52  Buy Now
 Radium Pen- Avail in: Black, Blue, Green, Red or Purple   Radium Pen- Avail in: Black, Blue, Green, Red or Purple   PGIFTSLPN073   R3.61  Buy Now
 Predator Pocket Knife   Predator Pocket Knife   PGIFTSZTOOL-9920   R36.56  Buy Now
 Atlantis Tog Bag - Avail in: Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue   Atlantis Tog Bag - Avail in: Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue   PGIFTSVATB01   R238.69  Buy Now
 Best Stylus Pen - Avail in: Black, White, Orange, Red, Yellow, B   Best Stylus Pen - Avail in: Black, White, Orange, Red, Yellow, B   PGIFTSN1037   R4.76  Buy Now
 Boot Organizer - Avail in: Black / Black, Black / Red, Black / N   Boot Organizer - Avail in: Black / Black, Black / Red, Black / N   PGIFTSN6196   R305.22  Buy Now
 Boston Bottle Opener - Avail in: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue   Boston Bottle Opener - Avail in: Black, White, Red, Green, Blue   PGIFTSN3291   R27.26  Buy Now
 Chico Pen - Avail in: Black, White, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, N   Chico Pen - Avail in: Black, White, Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, N   PGIFTSN1399   R2.37  Buy Now
 Congress Conference Bag - Avail in: Black / Black, Red / Black,   Congress Conference Bag - Avail in: Black / Black, Red / Black,    PGIFTSVCCB01   R100.28  Buy Now
 Double-Up Drawstring Bag - Avail in: Black, White, Orange, Red,   Double-Up Drawstring Bag - Avail in: Black, White, Orange, Red,    PGIFTSN0120   R27.26  Buy Now
Displaying 1 to 36 (of 4044 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15 ...  [Next >>] 

Categories meeting the search criteria

Money & Wallets
Money & Wallets
 Wallets are one of the few accessories that gents can identify with women on, you can never have too...
Letter Openers
Letter Openers
 The noun letter opener has one meaning: dull knife used to cut open the envelopes in which letters a...
Desk Clocks
Desk Clocks
 Desk clocks and corporate gifts are really synonymous. Clocks are unique because people look at...
Wall Clocks
Wall Clocks
 Clocks and corporate gifts are really synonymous. Clocks are unique because people look at them hund...
Pen Cases / Boxes
Pen Cases / Boxes
 Presentation is an important ingredient to the success of any corporate gift campaign. Below you wil...
Cutlery & Sets
Cutlery & Sets
 Here we have sourced cutlery suitable for your every day-to-day normal use as well as high quality c...
Diaries & Calendars
Diaries & Calendars
 Presenting our range of diaries, calendars and organizers. As with all our products, these can be pe...
Jouje Koziol
Jouje Koziol
 The starting point is the same for every Korzoil product. "We ask lots of questions, we listen ...
Experience Gifts
Experience Gifts
 As we move to the 22nd Century we have witnessed the progression through the commodities, product an...
 We are proud to be able to offer such an extensive range of folders. From basic premium folders to y...
Photo Frame Clocks
Photo Frame Clocks
 Photo frame clocks kill two birds with one stone. They are clocks (sometimes with additional feature...
Lekker Lanyards
Lekker Lanyards
 Lanyards are yet another brilliant promotional product, they are fashionable and when embroidered ...
Customized Blankets
Customized Blankets
 The demand for corporate blankets has increased significantly over the past years. We create custom...
Wrist Watches
Wrist Watches
 Wrist Watches and corporate gifts are really synonymous. Watches are unique because people look...
Data Banks
Data Banks
     Casio Data Bank watches enable you to have your important contact data accessibl...
Custom Plastic
Custom Plastic
 Perkal now offers a wide range of products manufactured from injection molding, blow molding and pri...
Custom Flags
Custom Flags
 DIGITAL PRINTING is the future of the flag and banner industry. Repetitive or unique images can be...
Custom Cans
Custom Cans
 New Page 1 Canned Gifts - Corporates Customise your can and your contents!! This gift is unique...
Custom Zippos
Custom Zippos
 Perkal Gifts Now Offers High QualityCustom Engraving and Imprinting on Zippo LightersFor souv...
Money & Purses
Money & Purses
 Purses & wallets are one of the few accessories that woman and men both have a passion for, you ...
Lipstick Cases
Lipstick Cases
 Lipstick cases are great to keep your lipstick secured. Cases come with mirrors in the lid for conve...
Mini Fridges
Mini Fridges
 There are very few corporate gifts that will make your company stand out as much as mini desk fridge...
Digital Photo Frames
Digital Photo Frames
 In this increasing digital world most of our photos are captured digitally. Necessity is said to be ...
Fatboy Original
Fatboy Original
 Launched in 2002 a kind of bean bag multi-purposed and multi-faceted. The user defines the applicati...
Bag Hangers
Bag Hangers
 According to the Chinese principle of Feng Shui, "You should never put your bag on the floor be...
Custom Shape
Custom Shape
 The Ultimate Promotional Item Now you can customise your own Key Finder or Cell Finder with your log...
Customized Chocolates
Customized Chocolates
 We can put any logo, message or photo onto chocolate using only chocolate. We use real chocolate th...
Fortune Cookies
Fortune Cookies
 Fortune Cookies with customized messages are ideal for Special Occasions, Weddings, Gifts, Promotio...
Customized Ties
Customized Ties
 The tie market in South Africa is massive. In excess of 50000 ties are made and sold in the country...
Customized Ties
Customized Ties
 The tie market in South Africa is massive. In excess of 5,000 ties are made and sold in the country...
Customized Balloons
Customized Balloons
Custom Door Mats
Custom Door Mats
 All our logo mats are individually made from Berberpoint carpeting – this is a revolutionar...
Custom Golf Balls
Custom Golf Balls
 The Nassau balls provide great quality and value for money and can actually be used for a round of ...
African Prints
African Prints
 Acclaimed international artist Heidi Lange has exhibited in many shows around the world including: R...
Custom Sunscreen
Custom Sunscreen
 We Manufacturer Suntan Lotions, Sunscreen and Sunblock Wholesale and Bulk supply of our standard...
Custom Snowglobes
Custom Snowglobes
 We can create a completely unique snow globe for you, choose your size, shape, contents inside, bran...
Custom Tattoos
Custom Tattoos
 Quality Customised Tattoos  Your cheapest source of top quality cu...
Custom Bites
Custom Bites
 Looking for something different? Presenting a unique and delectable gift idea. Whether it is i...
Liquid Products
Liquid Products
 LIQUID FILLED PRODUCTS Below are some examples of our customizable liquid filled products. You can ...
St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day
 The day is a national holiday of Ireland, a bank holiday in Northern Ireland and a public holiday ...
Custom Towels
Custom Towels
 New Page 1   New Flat Strip Gym Towel 400Gsm Gym Towel ...
 Custom dyed pashminas have a minimum order of 100 units Contact sales@perkalgifts.co.za for more ...
Andy C
Andy C
 Andy C comes from a self-taught background and his designs are inspired by natural beauty in its sim...
Jewellery Range
Jewellery Range
 Celebrate the flowing, sensual unity of sterling silver and soft femininity, in the stunning Andy C ...
Party Props
Party Props
  Having a function at work and need themed party supplies? Look no further, Perkal has all your...
Eco Friendly Gifts
Eco Friendly Gifts
 Perkal has just launched an official "Eco Friendly Gift Section" with over 700 Eco Friend...
Autumn Products
Autumn Products
 Autumn (also Fall in American and Canadian English) is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn mar...
Custom Shoelaces
Custom Shoelaces
 We supply any type of shoelaces you can image, branded with your company details on them. From glow...
Moon Wallets
Moon Wallets
 INTRODUCING THE MOON WALLET!! We are able to print any design or image on these wallets and due ...
Glass Jars
Glass Jars
 Glass Jars, Glass Bottle, Glass Containers, Glass Packaging, Customized Glass Jars Perkal has a ful...
Custom Designed Bags
Custom Designed Bags
 Don't worry if you don't see the exact bag you are looking for because we can manufacture a...
Custom Leather
Custom Leather
 Looking for a custom leather product? We manufacture a wide range of small leather goods, folders, ...
Scratch Cards
Scratch Cards
 Customized Scratch Cards Scratch Cards are Fun, Interactive & Versatile We can create standa...

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Press: Vuvuzela here to stay
All about the Offical Jabulani and Jobulani Ball
Press: Africans go crazy for Cup
How golf balls are made and how the materials can affect your ga
How Are Stress Balls Made?
How Does an LED Flashlight Work?
How Did the Frisbee Get Its Name?
How Do Magnets Work?
What is a USB Hub and How Does it Work?
How Are Adhesive Sticky Note Pads and Cubes Made/Printed
How Are Paper Cubes Made/Printed?
How is a Sports Bottle Made?
Press: Vuvuzela innovator cashes in
Press: Don't cry for me, Vuvuzela!
Screen Printing vs Laser Engraving
How to Measure and/or Determine Your Hat Size
How to Properly Wash Your Favorite Baseball Cap
How to Properly Use a Ruler
How to Properly Use a Tape Measure
What is Neoprene? Why is it Better than Foam?
Why Do Golf Balls Have Those Funny Indentations?
What is a Deboss/Emboss and How Does it Work?
Fifa orders Kulula to withdraw ad
The Different Types of Plastic and Their Number Classifications
Press: Fifa in SA court battle over soccer keyring
Threats to disrupt World Cup
Press: Zakumi maker hits out at critics
Press: Fifa: SA firms got their share
Press: SA firms can't cash in on 2010
Usefull Definitions of Foreigh Trade Terms
Perkal Welcomes Forchino Comic Art To The Perkal Family
Corporate Gifts 101
Impress with corporate gifts
Corporate Gifts Still on This Years Shopping List
Corporate Gifts That Make an Impression
Corporate Gift - Idea for Brand Promotion
Using Unique Corporate Gifts To Create Lasting Impression In You
The Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Gift Giving
Utilizing Corporate Gifts to Maximize Its Benefit For Your Compa
Build Reputation In The Corporate World With Best Corporate Gift
Using Corporate Gifts Promotional Items
Perkal Welcomes Cow Parade To The Perkal Family
Press: SA web users spend online
Press: Online shoppers on the up
Warm, Gooey Corporate Gifts Sometimes Prove Ethically Sticky
The Unused, the Unwanted, and the Politically Incorrect: Breakin
Value growth of promotional Giftware will be modest in 2009 comp
Promotional product specialists strong in tight times.
Never be without a good promotional theme.(strictly business)
This year, Johnnie Walker Blue Label said that it is offering "a
Official South African Public Holidays 2008
Official Public Holidays 2009
Official South African Public Holidays 2009
Official South African Public Holidays 2010
Apple's iPhone debuts to lines, hype, ceremonial fanfare in gadg
Gravity-powered LED floor lamp wins Greener Gadget Award
Going gadget crazy.(News) Sunday Tribune (South Africa)
Industry workers get bigger gifts - Jerusalem Post
Gadget-bonkers but what I want doesn't exist yet.(News)
US Companies Launch Gadget Buyback Services
Survey Identifies Britain's Most Useless Gadgets
Silly USB gadgets
What would you pick as your favourite gadget?
Small Moves You Can Take to Conserve; These gadgets save power a
Six of the best wine gadgets..
A love affair with this little gadget can play havoc with your t
You'll love 'em; you'll love 'em a lot Gadgets certain to captur
The heat is on for gadgets ; Whether it's ice cream, juices or b
Travel light gadgets
Content over device: it was more than just cool gadgets at this
Taking control of your gadgets ; Universal remotes can do anythi
Technology's Impact On Emerging Economies And The Year's Hottest
Despite Economic Recession, Tiny Prints Study Finds Small Busine
Promotional products feel pinch as firms cut back on freebies
Free never fails; Giveaways of all shapes and sizes help compani
The Unused, the Unwanted, and the Politically Incorrect: Breakin
Of course they work! Promotional products, when integrated with
Promoting your brand: Patricia Moore reviews the promotional pro
Days of wine and roses are past in realm of corporate giving
Many executives unknowingly give promotional items as gifts - Au
It's better to give: promotional packaging solves gift challenge
Holiday Gifts: Grab the business now!(clothing industry's promot
Office gifts - Less can be more when buying for the boss
To reduce holiday stress, simplify office gift-giving
Use proper etiquette when choosing the perfect gift for a client
From Toasters to Blackberrys: Promotional Gifts Go Modern: For c
Analyse Exclusive Profiles of 45 Promotional Wearable Suppliers
Clients like promotional gifts, especially when they can use the
Promoting your brand: Patricia Moore reviews the promotional pro
Google eLert Gadget, A Revolution in Spam Free, Information Rich
Perkal welcomes the Diana Carmichael Artworks Range
Gifts In Strange Places.
Consumers Say 'I Do' to Online Merchants as Summer Weddings Boos
Research shows retailers had a merry Christmas online.
iPod evolution: Apple's updated classic, redesigned nano, and al
Top Christmas items you should have given your teen
Xbox 360 Showcases Greatest Holiday Lineup in Video Game History
Costly Wii shortage: Nintendo losses sales of busiest period - D
1,000 Companies Operate in the R80 billion US Entertainment and
2007 Season is best ever for video game industry
Hello, iPhone: what you need to know about Apple's groundbreakin
Perkals 2007/2008 closing dates
Press: U.S. Charitable Giving Reaches $295.02 Billion in 2006
Press: Lines, excitement growing for iPhone
Teen Gift Survey Reveals Battle of the Sexes.
Message you want to send should guide business gift decisions.
The Science and Psychology of Holiday Gifts
Press: American Express Debuts First-of-Its-Kind Gift Card and
Press: Money, Gift Giving and Workload Lead Top 10 Stress List
Giving luxury cars as Christmas gifts? \'Tis the season...
Press: Gifts that keep giving...
Important consistency musts for gift giving in workplace.
Gadgets increase, but So do manuals
Hooked on Gadgets: meet three women
Girls make a move on Boys and their toys
holiday Gadgets: Small wonders
the Gadgets that have really pressed our buttons
Human ingenuity will WIN Over Gadgets
Homes: interiors Fun and funky in Gadget heaven
Gadgets to lighten up your working life.
HigherEnd Gadgets gain Ground.
Katy Guest roadtests the LATEST kitchen gadgets..
Gadgets gain More features, difficult to use?
The 2005 Gadgets and Gismos Survey..
$13.4bn of gadgets annually a waste of space?
Gifts for him: Boys and their toys..
Gadget bonanza: 2006 will be the year of choices.
Gear Shift; When Gadgets Go on the Road
Walk Away From That Xbox 360, Mr. Big Spender.
Retailers go gourmet on kitchen gadgets.
Official African Public Holidays 2007
Press: Official 2006/2007 SARS Gift Policy
the art of Buying Golf Gifts
Gag Gifts broing holiday Laughter to any workplace..
Creative Gifts Can HELP Small companies
Saying thank you at Business close..
Experts advise office workers on the fine art of holiday GiftG
Caution, consistency musts for Gift Giving in workplace
the Greater Gift of this time of year..
Unwrapping the Japanese Gift pack market.
Gifts that work: the Business of Giving gifts.
Survey shows Some of Most Forgotten GiftGiving Occasions
before you buy your boss that tie tack..
Give and take. (Christmas Gifts)
Its a gift; Special feature: Grab your Santa suit
Survey shows holiday Gift Habits of Small Businesses.
What to buy the recipient who has everything
the multi million rand approach to big gifts.
Boys and their toys.
So whats a corporate Gift giver to do?
corporate Donors want their Gifts says Stanford
Getting personal With corporate Gift Giving
the Gift of an idea that grew..
corporate Gift Giving takes an upscale attitude.
Culturally inappropriate gifts may do more harm than good./
Corporate gift giving For companies that means business :)
The dos and donts of corporate holiday gift buying
Gift Giving a large investment, ensure you get it right..
Asking the Right questions is the key to Gift Buying
all about Buying Electronic surveillance equipment
Leave a lasting impression!Champagne anyone?
Ever wondered What the History of Cigars is?
the Origin of the pipe
the History of the famous Zippo lighter
corporate Gift Ideas, Gifts for your Employees..
corporate Crystals and Trophies now available..
10 Tips to Maximize the Success of Your Holiday Business GiftG
Press: Madonna showers Aids orphans With Gift
Interesting facts about Perkal flags..
Calenders are the perfect corporate advertising tool
Press: George Lucas gives away Over P1 Billion..
Zippo Lighters As a Gift Idea.
the Gift of Bling..
knives: Another Great Gift Idea.
Flashlights: a Truly Practical Gift Idea.
Traditional meanings of the different Flowers
Press: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are giving $1m each
10 Top Tips for Corporate Christmas Gift buying
What has the Perkal Development team been up to?
Press: Electronic holiday Gifts should boost battery sales
Press: Oscar Gifts come at a cost
Press: Gift sparks bomb scare Tokyo
Press: Olympic gold medal Gift for Madiba
Press: Cellphones, cancer not linked
the perfect way to say thankyou Gifts
Gifts for guys What to buy????
Perkal welcomes Carrol Boyes to our Online Gift offering
Press: Mandela turns 88 and is showerd with gifts
Perkal welcomes Robosapiens to our product range
Press: U.S Pres George Bushs Birthday Gift from Canadian PM
Study conducted on huge sample shows What ppl want from Gifts
Gifts that count, corporate Gifts are rising for a reason
Introducing Disk Defenders,now avail on perkalgifts.co.za
Over 15000 Unique products now offered on this website!
Press: 9/11 police chief admits taking illicit gifts
Introducing our Gorgeous Hand Made Pewter Range..
Press: We are entering a New information age
Press:The Gadgets of 2006
What does one really want from an EBook??
Sky diving tips for newbies to flying...
Press: Poker taken off in S.A, gamble online..
Business Cards your key to success?
the ins and outs of Business Card Marketing
Perkal Gifts and Offerforge officially partner together..
Press: Why doesnt Wasington pick up our (S.As) good habits?
Flowers prooven to make people glow
Flowers prooven to make people glow
Press: Apples iPod sales fuel record quarter
We welcome Zippo and their wolrd famous lifetime garranty
Watch shopping 101
Internet sales for Scented Candle is on the rise..
Press: Bling it on for Oscar Stars
Press: Local Mayors birthday cost taxpayers a fortune.
Press: What to buy a Celebrity?
Press: American official who took Gifts relieved of duties
Press: Reebok Bracelet poisons child
Press: Britains loans furore spirals
Latest: 2000 New products & over 10 new ranges added
Sales or Marketing, where to focus resources?
the Gift of expressing Gratitute, whatever the reason..
Mothers DAY Gift Ideas
Perkal at the QVC Great Outdoor Show
Perkal Website Progression, See the first Perkal Site!
Recognition Breeds Success: the Power of corporate Gifts
the main essentials of corporate Gift buying.
What to look for in a corporate award/gift?
VISA Christmas Show Pictures..
Receive Money for Becoming a member
Jouje Koziol are Fun innovative products for the home and offic

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