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 ---Issue # 30---               2 December 2006

 If English not home, please choose language:               

December Christmas edition of "The Perkal News",


We welcome you to the CHRISTMAS Issue of "The Perkal News" which is read by thousand of customers and suppliers all over the world. This is a very important newsletter with a lot of important information. _________________________
For those of you who don't already know this, it's truly amazing... For the very fist time, ever, it has been and continues to snow at Perkal !! You've got to see this to believe it.. Click here for more information. _________________________
Perkal is calling last rounds for gift purchases in 2006. We will be closing 15 Dec with last orders being accepted until 5:00pm Friday 8 December 2006.  _________________________
Congratulations to our Bi-monthly competition winners who walk away with R500 worth of Perkal Vouchers!

Congratulations to:         Lindi Erasmus
Nectarios Photiou
Lorainne Visser
Anesh Seetal
Jonty Lazarus

Find some interesting Statistics about the Perkal Gifts website

Hits Last Month: 2344749 (2.34 Million)                      Total Products: 20916
Total Categories:

People connecting to the internet with slower connections struggling to view the gifts catalogue online, please click here for Perkals Speedy Online Catalogue. We have removed all the bells and whistles and loaded the bare catalogue with pics, prices and descriptions. _________________________
 Our sincere apologies for the 8 hours of downtime experienced last month (Nov) - 5 of which where Thursday (30 Nov) afternoon - The problems that caused this was directly linked to the growth mentioned in the points above and we have now put measures in place to mitigate the chances of this from happening in the future. _________________________
  As always, we have many new gift related articles this month. Click here to read.. _________________________
Perkal Gifts - The Best is still to come.. _________________________

This marks the last newsletter for 2006 and contains much important and useful Perkal information.

  • We are closing on Friday 15 December 2006 and will be re-opening 15 January 2007. PLEASE NOTE: Last Christmas orders must be placed by 8 December 2006. Any orders placed after this will only be processed when we re-open in 2007.                                                             - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Congratulations to our 5 Bi-Monthly Competition winners and thank you to everyone who partook. This competition was our most popular one by far! We drew 5 names from an astonishing 5760 valid entries.                                                         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Our faithful Gifts Site has never been busier (Over 2.3 Million hits Last month!) This is really great news, but on top of our 20000+ products database and 5000+ website customer database this has also meant that there is a huge load being placed on our server which equates to slower browsing. For this very reason we have created a fast sub domain which allows you to view our products with pictures and prices at much faster speeds. Orders can't be placed here, it is for fast browsing only. Specifically if you have a slower connection to the internet, Click here to see the "Speedy Perkal Catalogue" Site                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  • Perkal is continually adding new products/ranges to our gift buffet and this past month has been no different. We have hundreds of new products added in the last 30 days. Click to see our new products or here for new ranges (shown right)    

Over the last 2/3 years we have proudly and tirelessly worked to inform our market about what we could offer - in essence spreading the "Perkal Word". Now, 2 odd years later we take great pride in our database of precious clients. Some of you are our wonderful end users, some our great government, some are our beloved corporate clients and some our core trade users. Whatever your interest and however you have come to Perkal, I want to take this opportunity to Thank you for taking an interest in Perkal and trusting us with your gift, function, promotional and corporate requirements. It has been a great pleasure and true honor to service all of you and we look forward to many decades of variety, value, convenience and reliable personal service that has become Perkals' legacy. The best is still to come..


2 Banner on Perkal Gifts!
3 Foldable electric Scooter
4 Sim Data Backup
5 Electronic Head Massage
6 Emergency Lantern
7 Complete Travel toolbox
8 Electronic Wall Clock
9 500PC Pro Poker Set
0 Retro Bluetooth

Sponsored by:



-Corporate Gift Ideas, Gifts for your Employees..

The essence of rewarding, which is a sign of reciprocal appreciation, is to inspire individuals to unleash their potential and substantiate them in a self-fulfilling manner. Diverse are the means and ways to express one’s gratefulness towards his or her associates. In the cultured world, appreciating one another’s advancement through offerings is customary.

Particularly in the corporate world, recognition of professional contribution of individuals is an obligation in order to acknowledge the professional contribution of employees or of company stakeholders through gifts that take several forms. The ultimate hope of corporate gifts is that they are capable of maximizing overall business growth by means of inspiration and motivation of employees to improve and strive to be the best in what they do.

Good corporate gifts are things that employees typically would not buy for themselves. These are the types of gifts that are cordially appreciated. Indeed, corporate gifts should be personalized if at all possible because giving a generic kind of gift conveys a message to the employee that he’s nothing really special at the company. People normally prefer things with their names on them, not just the name of the company.

 Thoughtful gifts for employees express appreciation for a job well done. For instance, a carefully planned book could become personalized if one signs on it. Another recommended corporate gift idea for reading is a subscription to a magazine that relates to the hobby of a particular employee.

In a corporate environment, people can get so stressed up and time starved that they may need a deserved break where they can relax. A suitable corporate gift idea would be offering spa packages for employees. Not only is it a unique and wonderful corporate gift to the employee, but also it benefits the employer because when employees are rejuvenated after a pampered break with a massage over lunch for instance, they become more productive.

Human resources are key components of ensuring success in a business. Dynamic and innovative approaches are required for nurturing human skills, talents and advancement. Corporate gifts establish a sense of belonging as well as build a positive corporate environment. Choosing the appropriate corporate gift idea is of utmost importance since it will often bring about multifold gains to the business in the future.

Now is the time, visit for a comprehensive selection from 20000 gifts now!


               Currently, at any one time Perkal has over 250 live auctions open. This is a great place to find select Perkal products at unheard of prices.  To See our current live auctions, many of which start at R0 without a reserve, Click Here.

If you have the product/service that you wish to market through BidorBuy, then Perkal Auctions is the only place to look. Being an official BidOrBuy Trade Broker, we are equipped to sell for you on your behalf.. If You have any NEW items that you want Perkal to sell online, Click Here to enquire.           





There is not long left now, the computers site (re-launched last month) has been been completely redesigned from scratch in 6 sections. The new look and feel is much closer to Computers corporate identity and the system itself is almost 100% bug free and already 100000% stable and secure. The new site is just the beginning of a long and exciting new road.

We have and will continue to invest heavily into making Perkal Computers the exciting, one-stop Computer, electronics and gadget shop. We have much still in store for this Exciting New Venture so keep an eye out. We will be tweaking the site over the next few months and continuously adding products and updating the site. Be sure to visit Perkal Computers today.

NB NOTICE - CARRIED OVER: All Perkal Computers Members will have to sign up again on the new system. We tried to Avoid this but unfortunately couldn't migrate the members database.



Only 7 purchase days left with Perkal. Don't leave your Christmas purchases too late this year! Corporate Clients please please please don't leave it last minute.. The same plea goes out to our end users..

Some Current October Specials:

I-mate SP3i

Retail Price: R5,819.00

Special Price: R1,099.00

*VERY HOT PRICE Smart SIM Card Backup Device.
Smart SIM Card Backup Device.

Retail Price: R150.64

Special Price: R67.00

*VERY HOT PRICE Usb Vacuum Cleaner
Usb Vacuum Cleaner

Retail Price: R158.29

Special Price: R75.00

Mp3 Fm Modulator - Usb Slot

Retail Price: R572.88

Special Price: R185.00

Professional Poker Set in aluminium case -500 Chips

Retail Price: R1,023.40

Special Price: 499.99

UNBEATABLE VALUE  600D Laptop Bag Black
600D Laptop Bag Black

Retail Price: R607.28

Special Price: R189.00

Click here to see more October Specials




Monthly Quote
"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not. " Dr James Gordon

Monthly Joke

It's hard to make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere.
Thanks for reading, your loyalty and continued support, have a wonderful month!!!


© Perkal Gifts 2006. All Rights Reserved

If images appear broken, or not at all, click here to see the current newsletter online or click here to see previous published issues.


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Wooden Pencil
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Bottle opener Keyring - Min Order 100 units
02. Bottle opener Keyring - Min Order 100 units

Activate Mints
03. Activate Mints

Key Finder - Whistle Keyring
04. Key Finder - Whistle Keyring

Pop-It Bottle Opener Keyring
05. Pop-It Bottle Opener Keyring

Penflex Ballpoint Clear Meduim Black 50 - Min orders apply, plea
06. Penflex Ballpoint Clear Meduim Black 50 - Min orders apply, plea

Pencil with Erazer
07. Pencil with Erazer

Executive Talking Clock-Silver

08. Executive Talking Clock-Silver


Maxwell & Williams Wba Chef Bowl 6Cm - Min Orders Apply
10. Maxwell & Williams Wba Chef Bowl 6Cm - Min Orders Apply

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Shoe Disinfectant Door Mat - Min 10 units

Shoe Disinfectant Door Mat - Min 10 units
Price  R789.00  
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Assagai 9 Piece Bbq Set -  - Silver
Assagai 9 Piece Bbq Set - - Silver
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A5 Standing Printed A-frame Correx Stand - Min 50 units

A5 Standing Printed A-frame Correx Stand - Min 50 units

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