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 ---Issue # 27---               1 Sep 2006

 If English not home, please choose language:               

Welcome to the Sping edition of "The Perkal News",


Welcome you to the Spring Issue of "The Perkal News" Read by thousands of customers and suppliers all over the world. As always we have an action packed edition for you packed with all the latest Perkal news, updates and specials.. _________________________
The Perkal Dealer Zone has recently seen the highest amount of conspiracy theories ever recorded in Perkal Gifts History. The emails have rolled in, everybody wants to know.. What is the Perkal Dealer Zone, why is it a restricted zone and HOW TO I GET ACCESS??? for more information click here _________________________
in the spirit of the "festive season to be" we have compiled a concise Top 10 Tips for Corporate Christmas Gift buying guide. Corporate gift giving is a precious opportunity to reward loyal customers and staff, and to create stronger bonds by giving them a gift that will remind them of your company and its products or services all the year round. To see the guide click here _________________________
We have many new products, many new ranges (listed to the right) and many great website features. Be sure to visit Gifts for all your personal & corporate gift requirements. _________________________ 
Take a sneak peak at the beautiful new computers side, click here _____________________

A belated Happy Spring Day to everyone for Friday. One has to ask oneself if Spring is supposedly here, why is it still so cold??? Spring Day always serves to remind me that we 3/4's way through the year and in the gift industry this is when business really heats up. Summer is round the corner and before you know it it is going to be Christmas and a brand new year.

I know it’s only the beginning of September, but Christmas is closer than we think, avoid the panic buying that goes with leaving your gift buying (Corporate and personal) much too late, NOW is the time to take action. Perkalgifts is teaming with thousands of gifts that are eminently perfect, don't delay, make this years Christmas gift giving a stress-less activity!

Traffic on the gifts site has continued to relentlessly grow through the roof, with over 1.7 million hits registered in August 2006 the site has never been busier. In the last month we have have continued to add well over 1000 new products to Perkal Gifts. We also have many new and existing products and features in the pipeline, as always "the best is yet to come" Our new product ranges for August are listed to your right:

We have also been added some nifty new features to the site. In the last 30 days we have added a Gift Registry to the site which is perfect for Wedding and Baby showers, developed Perkals Speedy Catalogue for super fast browsing. We have developed our Online Shopping 101 assistant which takes you step by step through the online order process, Installed the contribution to view and save product info pages in PDF format, and much much more. To see detailed information of the latest new features click here

1 Portable Hammock
2 Sim Data Backup Device
3 Moodlight with FM Radio
4 Personal Alcohol Tester
5 Smart Wall Clock
6 Electronic Head Massage
7 Emergency Light
8 Car sunglasses Holder
9 22PC Toolbox
0 Electronic Wall Clock

Sponsored by:



Christmas is Coming!!!
We know it’s only the beginning of September, but the high street are already showing signs that Christmas is just around the corner. That also means that the pantomime season is almost here again...

However, I’m not just referring to theatrical comedies, but also to the pantomimes that take place within companies as the season of goodwill approaches. – they are more farce than a comedy, many have tragic endings involving inappropriate gifts arriving late due to lack of planning. The plot goes something like this:

September scene: “The trade e-newsletters and magazines are start to publish articles about Christmas products. I suppose we should be thinking about gifts for clients and rewards for staff. Put it on the ‘to do’ list.”

November scene: “Christmas card catalogues keep appearing in the mail. What did we do for Christmas last year? Someone dig out the file!”

December scene – panic takes hold: “Shock horror! Only 10 more days til last posting dates for Christmas. Has anyone ordered the Christmas corporate gifts yet? We’ve been talking about it for months. Oh, well just do what we did last year again, I suppose.”

The result of this scenario is the waste of an excellent opportunity to reward loyal customers and staff, and to create stronger bonds with them by giving them a gift that will remind them of your company and its products or services all the year round.

Those reading this will be well aware of the many products on offer in the promotional sector and the advice that’s available from the knowledgeable suppliers in the industry.

So, to avoid the panic buying that goes with it, NOW is the time to take action. This site is teaming with gifts that are eminently suitable for Christmas.


               Currently, at any one time Perkal has over 250 live auctions open. is a great place to find select Perkal products at unheard of prices.  To See our current live auctions, many of which start at R0 without a reserve, Click Here.

If you have any new product/service that you wish to market through BidorBuy, then Perkal Auctions is the only place to look. Being an official BidOrBuy Trade Broker, we are equipped to sell for you on your behalf.. If You have any NEW items that you want Perkal to sell online, Click Here to enquire.           





---nnn-- Perkal Computers is still undergoing a major update and huge facelift. The site will change over the next few weeks and we will be making up for the recent neglect which was due to the vigouress attention that we have given to the gifts website. 

Once complete we will be keeping this site up-to-date and removing the database errors shortly and then endeavour to continue to keep the site 100% up-to-date thereafter.

 For a sneak peak of our beautiful new template (under construction) click the following link:

Some Current September Specials:

Dali Clock
Dali Clock

Our Price: R1,600.00

Special Price: R1,550.00

Hub Cap Adverts - Ads in motion - Includes Printing
Hub Cap Adverts - Ads in motion - Includes Printing

Our Price: R899.00

Special Price: R879.00

Silver colored Corporate Pen
Silver colored Corporate Pen

Retail Price: R4.65

Our Price: R2.63

Special Price: R2.60

Mini Mauler Monster Truck
Mini Mauler Monster Truck

Our Price: R1,250.00

Special Price: R1,230.00


Our Price: R1,600.00

Special Price: R1,500.00

Neon Antworks

Retail Price: R421.46

Our Price: R231.57

Special Price: R220.00

Click here to see more September Specials


Monthly Quote
"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint. " (Mark Twain)

Monthly Joke

When I was young I used to pray for a bike, then I realized that God doesn't work that way, so I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.
Thanks for reading, your loyalty and continued support, have a wonderful month!!!


© Perkal Gifts 2006. All Rights Reserved

If images appear broken, or not at all, click here to see the current newsletter online or click here to see previous published issues.


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Wooden Pencil
01. Wooden Pencil

Bottle opener Keyring - Min Order 100 units
02. Bottle opener Keyring - Min Order 100 units

Activate Mints
03. Activate Mints

Key Finder - Whistle Keyring
04. Key Finder - Whistle Keyring

Pop-It Bottle Opener Keyring
05. Pop-It Bottle Opener Keyring

Penflex Ballpoint Clear Meduim Black 50 - Min orders apply, plea
06. Penflex Ballpoint Clear Meduim Black 50 - Min orders apply, plea

Pencil with Erazer
07. Pencil with Erazer

Executive Talking Clock-Silver

08. Executive Talking Clock-Silver


Maxwell & Williams Wba Chef Bowl 6Cm - Min Orders Apply
10. Maxwell & Williams Wba Chef Bowl 6Cm - Min Orders Apply

Product Of The Week

Shoe Disinfectant Door Mat - Min 10 units

Shoe Disinfectant Door Mat - Min 10 units
Price  R789.00  
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Vinyl Safety Sticker Suitable for Floor or Wall (20 X 25cms) - M

Vinyl Safety Sticker Suitable for Floor or Wall (20 X 25cms) - M

Our Price: R21.50

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